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Achieve your goals with a trusted aircraft broker.

Avoid Surprises
Save Time
Enjoy Your Aircraft

Aircraft Transactions Are Complex

You need an aircraft to get more out of life, not drain you of it.  

Model Analysis and Selection
Cost of Ownership Analysis
Depreciation and Tax Planning
Ownership Structure Setup
Maintenance Planning
Management Selection
Charter Selection
Aircraft History Research

Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy
Professional Marketing Materials
Marketing Campaign
Legal Representation
Contract Negotiations
Aircraft Inspections
Discrepancy Resolution
Title Search and Clearing
FAA Registration
Program Research and Transfer

Pilot Training
Pilot Services
Aircraft Delivery
International Registry
International Considerations
Aircraft Upgrades
Registration Number Change

Navigate the complexities of aircraft transactions with confidence.

Simplify the Process

Save yourself time and worry while we take care of all the details.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our team of industry experts and comprehensive process give you confidence every step of the way.

Buy and Sell Faster

Professional marketing and access to more buyer and seller networks help you buy and sell faster.

We understand how it feels to be unsure if you’re doing it right.

“Running a growing company doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to manage the details of an aircraft purchase. Ken took care of everything, even coordinating financing, insurance, flight training and mentor pilots. Buying my Phenom with Ken’s assistance was the best purchasing experience I’ve ever had."

Mark D., FL

At Aircraft Guides, we know you want to be confident when it comes time to buy and sell your aircraft. To do that, you need experience and market intelligence. The problem is, you don’t want to earn experience the hard way and market data isn’t publicly available, which makes you feel like you’re at a disadvantage. At Aircraft Guides, we believe everyone should have access to the help and information they need to be successful. We understand what it feels like to be worried you're not doing it right. That’s why we give clients access to the latest market intelligence and will guide you through every step of the transaction process. 

Here's how it works:

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2. Get a Custom Plan

Together we’ll create a detailed strategy to accomplish your goals.

3. Get Results

Buy or sell your aircraft with confidence in today’s competitive aircraft market.

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